Blanchard Cup   Mon 5/6 - Mon 9/30

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Description: Season long match play with handicap. Blind draw for placement in one of four divisions.
Course: Winnetka Golf Club
Award: Cash to Overall Winner (25% of pool) and Runner-up ( 15%) based on number of entrants. In addition, each of the 4 division winners wins 15% of the pool.
Entry Fee: $15
Chairman: John Nyhan
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Description & Format: A handicapped single elimination tournament combining players from all classes using a match-play format. The higher-handicapped player receives 100% difference in Course Handicap between the two players; the lower-handicapped player plays from scratch. Course handicap is taken from the blue tees current as of the day of the match. Winner advances to the next round until a champion is determined.

Entry & Qualifying: Open to all Men’s Club members. Each player signs up at the time of annual membership. No qualifying is necessary. Players are assigned positions in the draw by seeding up to four returning semifinalists from the prior year and placing the balance of the field by lot.

Schedule: Match Play seeding will be posted on the website and at the Golf Course after the drawing. Players must self-arrange their matches at a mutually agreed time so as to meet the deadlines published on the website. Each player is required to promptly contact their opponents to schedule competitions. In accordance with USGA rules 6-3 and 33-3, if a round is not played by the scheduled date, the two players will be penalized, and if necessary, defaulted according to the Men’s Club Match Play Guide.

Ties: In the event of a tie after 18 holes, the players will play off starting at hole #1, applying handicap strokes to those holes that have a handicap number on the official scorecard that is equal to or less than 100% of the differential between each player's handicap, and play each hole sudden death until one player wins a hole. For example, in a playoff between player A with a 15 handicap and player B with a 9 handicap , player A will receive 1 handicap stroke on each of the 6 lowest handicap holes (and player B will receive no handicap strokes during the playoff).

Tee Markers: All matches are to be played from the blue tees.