2019 Winnetka Golf Club Championship

Club-run event

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Winnetka Cup-Team Elms   Sat 8/10

Description: Winnetka Cup - 2019 Event #2- Elms
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Chairman: Brendan Lewis
Email: blewis@comcastsportsnet.com
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We have scheduled Event #2 of 3 for the 2019 Winnetka Cup...Sat., Aug. 10.

The Oaks won the first event on May 18, 3.5 to 1.5 over the Elms.

We will have the same format as we did on May 18. This event will be a 18 hole 2 man net  better ball, Oaks vs Elms. This format matches that of the weekends tee games. You will be able to play in the Winnetka Cup matches and post a score for the weekends event.

Festivities afterwards (as always). $15 for all the beer you can drink! Come join in on the fun...