2019 Winnetka Golf Club Championship

Club-run event

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2019 Mens Club calender has been completed. We are stating to work on the 2020 season.

Rob Kerr wins the Club Championship with a score of 152 (79/73) . Jeff Werstak wins the Net Division with  a 2 day net total of 139.

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Winnetka Golf Club Action Plan for 2019

The Winnetka Park District and Winnetka Golf Club released the 2018 Course Action Plan in late January 2018 to address Course Conditions, Communications, and Customer Service ( The 3 C's). Click  here to see the 2018 Action Plan. We will post the 2019 Plan when it has been completed.


Superintendants Update

Matt McCann is using Rainout Line  (download the app) to address the ongoing maintenence of the golf course. We will post  Matt's comments as they are updated, which will include the weekly schedule, Bunker maintenence, the Ponds and Dandelions.

Upcoming Events

The Fall Year end Dinner is Tuesday, October 22 at the Golf Club.