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2018 Winnekta Golf Club Championship   9/12/18 9/15/18

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I have two tickets for Thursday and Sunday (7/12 and 15) for the Champions Tour event being played at Exmoor in Highland Park. Includes seating at pavillion overlooking 16th hole. Let me know if you'd like to use them - free.
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THE THURSDAY NIGHT LEAGUE is Now Underway; Weekly results are Posted on the website

 Here is more info on the specifics for the TNL.
Click here for the weekly schedule of matches between the 8 teams.

1st 2018 Hole in One-

Good shot Paul Lively!  5 iron from 165 on 13th hole


QUEST for the Winnetka Cup 2018 ...Oaks win August Event! Setting up a final match showdown!

Event Oaks Elms
Spring 9 1/2 14 1/2
August Event 12 1/2 11 1/2
October Final    
Total  22 26

Winnetka Golf Club Action Plan for 2018

The Winnetka Park District and Winnetka Golf Club released the 2018 Course Action Plan in late January to address Course Conditions, Communications, and Customer Service ( The 3 C's) . Click  here to see the Action Plan.


Superintendants Update

Matt McCann is using Rainout Line  (download the app) to address the ongoing maintenence of the golf course. Click on the Updates to view Matt's comments on the weekly schedule, Bunker maintenence, the Ponds and Dandelions. 

May 30 Update
May 18 Update

Upcoming Events

Match Play Events  have begun-check the brackets on the website