W Cup (vs Wilmette and Palatine Hills)   Fri 5/17 - Fri 5/10

Description: 3 Team match vs Wilmette and Palatine Hills. This years event will be held at Palatine Hills. Tee times start at noon. We need at least 12 players. Green fees will be around $40, plus $25 for the kitty (food/beverage).
Award: Traveling Team Cup
Chairman: Pat Dowdle
Email: patd@winnetkagolf.com

Each club provides 6 , 8 or 10  2-man teams for a total of 12,16 or 20 players from each club.  Teams from each club will be formed by straight handicap, the two lowest handicap players from each club will be Team 1, the next two will be Team 2 and so forth and so on up to Team 10.

We will draw to see which club is Club A, then Club B and finally Club C. We will put the club’s name at the top of the column to determine the matches.  Teams 1-2 from each club will be placed into the same flight, which we’ll call the A flight. In each flight, green will play green. blue will play blue and yellow will play yellow.