Adopt a Hole Program

Gentlemen: It is time once again to register your foursome for the Adopt a Hole Program. 

There are three primary aspects to this program and they are as follows:

On your adopted hole, whenever you play, please do the following, without holding up play.

  1. Note the condition of bunkers and if a bunker needs to be raked take a minute to do so.
  2. Fix as many ball marks on the green as is practical.
  3. If you see debris on the hole pick it up and carry it to the litter basket located at the next tee.
  4. Grab some divot mix on the first and/or tenth hole and fill in the divots on the tees and in the landing areas on your adopted hole. Do this as quickly as possible so as to not interfere with play.

When filling the divot fill it to the top and then smooth it out. If the mix is filled above ground level it will dull the mower blades.

Here is our current list of Members and the holes that have adopted: