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2022 Weekly Events

Played Tues - Sun

Birdie Challenge   Sat 5/1 - Wed 9/1

Description: Started in 2020, there is a Gross and a Net flight, open to all players.

Some statistics from our 2020 Birdie challenge:

Perfect cards (birdie or better on every hole):  John Fadden and Paul Van Zuiden (both net)
Least birdied hole (gross and net): 17
Double eagles (aka, the ellusive Albatross): Paul Manley with two net double eagles (what is the plural form of albatross?) and Jeff Werstak with one!
Natural eagles: same guys...
Net scores of 1: Fadden (2), Manley (4), B. Lewis (2), Burke (1)
Net skins (if we did such a thing... foreshadowing obvious): Manley on #1, Werstak on #2, Lewis on #3, Manley on #5, Mitra on #14, Swierk on #16, and Lewis on #17
Gross skins: Werstak on #2 and Mitra on #18

In October 2020, the winners of the Birdie challenge (Gross: Jon Kunkle, Tom Yocky and Jeff Werstak; Net: John Fadden, Robin Mitra and Paul Manley)  took on the pros in a spirited Ryder Cup competition on Saturday. It is a good thing we got enough shots  to defeat the Pros!  John Fadden led the Mens Club with an 80 ( to Rob Drogos and Roger Farrell's disbelief). Everyone had fun, and we'll make it an annual event!