2019 Winnetka Golf Club Championship

Club-run event

Winnetka Cup   Sat 4/21

Description: This is a Ryder Cup Event played between two groups of Mens Club members. The Winnetka Cup started in the fall of 2016. A scheduled Ryder Cup match against Wilmette was cancelled, but 20 guys has signed up to play. So we formed 2 teams, and played. In

In that inaugural event, the Niblicks beat the Mashies. The Members had so much fun,  we decided to continue this competition into the 2017 season.

The Teams were renamed the Elms (captained by Brendan Lewis) and the Oaks (captained by Jim Burke). The trash talk between the captains (and the teams) began right away and continued throughout the season.

The format is one we do not do often:

  • 6 holes of team best ball ( 2 Oaks vs. 2 Elms, best ball per hole)
  • 6 hoes of individual match play ( 1 Oak vs. One Elms)
  • 6 holes of aletrnate show (2 Oaks and 2 Elms: alternate shot by team)


The Quest for the Cup 2018

The matches were close, and it came down to the final matches in October, where the Oaks prevailed and won the inagural Winnetka Cup.

Event Oaks Elms
Spring 9 1/2 14 1/2

Spring 2018 winners: Elms