Thursday Night League   Thu 5/28 - Thu 8/27

Description: If you have a have a Annual League Membership, your Twilight League dues are included.
Chairman: Dave Rodman

We are happy to continue The Thursday Night League.  This was introduced in 2018, and had great prticipation and support , so we will keep it going.  Congratulations to the 2018 winners, A Ham , with a total score of 148. Full results are listed below.  This will be a team game – 2 man best ball low net – each week and we will have teams compete against each other for 14 weeks – May 21st– August 20th. 

  • 9 hole matches, 2 man best ball, low net  (wheel off low handicap in the group - if he's a 5 hcp, he gets zero strokes and all other players get 5 less)
  • Each week 2 people will represent each team to play against another team
  • You will win 2 pts for each hole you win, 1 point for a tied hole and 4 points for winning the match (a draw nets 2 points to each team)
  • Running Team scores will be tabulated throughout the season
  • Payouts to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams at season end  


  • We have 8 teams; each team will play each other team twice over the 14 week season
  • Each Team can have up to 8 people (with an identified captain)
  • 2 People play each week (captain will identify the 2 team members each week) 
  • Cost is $100 per team
  • You must be either 1) in the Winnetka Men’s Club or 2) Join the Thursday Night League ($50 to join) 
  • To register your team, fill out this form and email it to Jonathan Kunkle  


  • Starting times will start around 5:30 pm *If all four players are ready, get to the tee!*
  • In addition to the team game every Thursday, we welcome other players to join in on the fun.  We will do a  $10 throw in for players not playing that week.  Guests are welcome to the throw in event.  


Results for 2018