Handicap Rules and Guidelines

Class Definitions for Tournaments and Events

Tee Class Handicap Index
Black Championship up to  7.1
Blue Class A 7.2  -  10.6
Blue Class B 10.7  - 16.8
White Class C 16.9 and over

If age plus handicap index equals/exceeds 80.0, you may play from White Tees.

Class as of the date of play applies for weekly events.  See “conditions of  competition” sheet for eligibility rules for specific tournaments & tournament qualifiers.

Handicap Revision Dates:

  • The season officially begins on Friday, April 1st.  This is the first day for accepting scores.
  • The season officially ends on Monday, October 31.  This is the final day for accepting scores.
  • The CDGA handicap revision dates are updated every evening.


Revision Date
Off Season  
Off Season  
Off Season  


Handicap Posting
Members are required to promptly post all scores the same day, made in Men's Club tournaments and weekly competitions to ensure an accurate handicap.  Two computers, located in the Winnetka Golf Club, allow members to post their scores.  The CDGA also accepts posting of scores on the internet via their website.  The Competition Committee periodically checks to ensure that members are reporting their scores according to the policy and has the authority to sanction violators. 

Scores to be used
Only scores made in 18-hole rounds, or by combining the scores of two consecutive 9-hole rounds may be used.  In addition, if a player plays 13 or more holes, he shall record a score for handicap purposes by adding to the number of strokes played plus the total of par for the unplayed holes plus any handicap strokes to which he is entitled on the unplayed holes.  Scores must be made under the Rules of Golf.  Any local rules must conform to the spirit of the Rules of Golf and USGA policy.

Equitable Stroke Control (ESC)
The correct way to adjust scores with the ESC sets a maximum number that a player may post on any hole, which is equal to a net double bogey.  For example, if you don't get a stroke for a hole, your maximum is double bogey; if you get one stroke on a hole, your maximum would be a triple bogey (net double).  If a player is out of a hole and picks up to speed up play, the member should jot down the score he most likely would have made.  For handicap purposes, a member is required to adjust his hole scores (actual or probable) when they are higher than the maximum number he can post.  There is no limit to the number of holes on which a member can adjust his score.