2019 Winnetka Golf Club Championship

Club-run event

Winnetka Cup Fall   

Chairman: Breandan Lewis
Email: Brendan.Lewis@nbcuni.com

Registration is now open.
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We are back at it....the quest for the Winnetka Cup continues!

The Elms hold a 4 point edge on the Elms

We will have the same format as the previous events:  

18 hole event:

  • First 6 holes best ball for the team
  • Second 6 holes, individual match play
  • Final 6 holes - alternate shot for the team

Yep, we have 32 points up for grabs...who wants em?!?

Festitivies afterwards (as always).  Come join in on the fun.   Tee times between 9 & 10ish on Sunday Oct 6