Fall Dinner (4:30 Start)   Sat 10/17

Description: Come join us for the end of Year Fall Dinner. We'll start around 6:00 pm, following the play of the men's club team taking on the pros in a Ryder cup styled event.
Award: Fall Men's Club Dinner - October 17th
Chairman: Jon Kunkle
Email: jonathan.kunkle@gmail.com

Hey All,

Our last event of the year is the Men's Club Dinner at the Clubhouse.   Angel/Avli will be providing dinner, appetizers and drinks.

Here is what we have in store for the evening:

  • An 18 hole match starting around 11:00 am of the pros vs the men's club.  Free beer will be served for all participants!  Come watch and route on our team!
  • Drinks and appetizers at 4:30 ish
  • Dinner around 5:00 - 5:30

We are also going to be asking the Men's Club/you for your thoughts and ideas for 2021.    We want your input.

We are looking forward to seeing you 

Let's toast a great year at WGC!

Hope to see you there

Jon Kunkle