Fall Dinner (6:00pm Start)   Wed 10/19

Description: Come join us for the end of Year Fall Dinner. We'll start around 6:00 pm
Course: Winnetka Golf Club
Award: Fall Men's Club Dinner - Wednwsday Oct 19
Chairman: Pat Dowdle
Email: patd@winnetkagolf.com

Men's Club Members,

Our last event of the year is the Men's Club Dinner at the Clubhouse. The Park District (Mickey and Matt Johnson) will have a BBQ outside, and beverages will be served inside.

Here is what we have in store for the evening:

  • Beverages starting at 6:00
  • BBQ dinner  stating around 6:30
  • Year end awards ( all the match play events and Club Championship)
  • Discussion around the course rennovation scheduled to start November 1 
  • Preliminary plans and discussionon events next year.

We are looking forward to seeing you 

Let's toast a great year at WGC!

Hope to see you there

Pat Dowdle