Firecracker Skins Game   Fri 6/29

Description: Firecracker Skins game with handicap (Net Skins)
Award: Cash Prizes to winners
Chairman: Jonathan Kunkle

Tee times:  Starting around 4:30 PM (TBD) - 18 Hole Event

Entry:  $40.00 - Bring Cash to Event

Prizes:  Cash paid out of skins money collected.  No other awards.  The restaurant will remain open after the event for sandwiches and drinks.


  1. Play is from the tees of your class or under the age/handicap rule of the Men's Club.  All rules of golf apply, except where local rules are in effect.
  2. Your entry covers a net skins pot and you will be playing for both.   
  3. The lowest score on a hole across all players will win a skin; the pot will be divided equally by the total number of skins won.  
  4. In the even more unlikely event that no skins are won in either pot, each player will receive $10 back and $5 will be donated to Sunshine for Golf.
  5. To be eligible for a skin the player has to hole their putt (no gimmies).   
  6. Handicaps will be applied by taking the player's handicap from the tees they are playing and where their strokes would normally fall.  However instead of a full shot the player will receive one half shot.  Here is how that works:
    • a six handicap will receive 6, half shots on the holes handicapped 1 through 6.
    • if that player makes a par on hole two (a par five and handicap hole #3) they would receive a net score of 4.5.  That score would beat all other net 5 scores, but not a natural birdie of 4 made by a 2 handicap.
    • if a player with a handicap of three or more makes a natural birdie on the second hole they would score a net 3.5.
    • to receive a full stroke on any hole a player would have to be a 19 handicap (or more); in that case the player would receive a full shot on the 1st handicap hole and get 17 half shots on the rest.
  7. Pick up if you are out of the hole.
  8. Tee times will be assigned in advance by handicap/class.
  9. Payouts made after the last group finishes and tallies are completed.
  10. Revelry of food and drinks in clubhouse after.

Event Chairman: Jonathan Kunkle